Be Prepared for an Open House

Sellers say to me, ‘I can’t be bothered to do all of this stuff.’ I say, ‘You know what? The buyer can’t be bothered either.’ So if the seller can’t be bothered to do all of these things, why should buyers trade their old houses for your old house? There are lots of other options out there. It’s a very competitive marketplace,” says Christine Rae, owner of Certified Staging Professionals (CSP). Most people go in with the mentality that they should not have to work to sell their houses.

Although we do all live in a digital world where people can virtually tour our houses through real estate sites, there is still a high demand for open houses. You, as the buyer, need to do more than let the pictures sell the house. People like to both see the house through a digital and physical way. When the time comes to show your house, follow these tips to help ensure that you are ready to show your house at its best!

Set the mood. If you have a quality sound system, set the music to play in a loop before you leave. Make sure it is a easy listening music, preferably without words. Setting the mood for the buyer when they walk into your house will help the buyer put themselves into your shoes and see themselves relaxing in the space.

Keep the kitchen clean, and free of potent smells. If you know you might have a showing at anytime, make sure that you do not cook anything the night before that might leave a lingering smell in the house. Although some buyers have been known to stick cookies in the oven if they know they have a showing that day to get that homey feel. Keep counters uncluttered, sinks and drains clean and fresh. People look at bathrooms and kitchens with the highest scrutiny, and so should you.

Take out any personal items. I was watching HGTV, and I heard a very interesting tip in a short 30 second sell your home clip. They mentioned that you should take out any family photos, children’s art on the fridge, and personal care items out of the bathroom. You want the buyer to see themselves your house. Taking away all the family photos takes the vision away from you, the seller, and puts the buyer in your shoes. This will help the buyer feel a connection with the property.

Keep it Neutral. Use a palate that is not bland, but is easy to change if the buyer decides they want to renovate. A beige wall is more welcoming and relaxing, as opposed to a neon green wall. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room.

Pet Proof the House. If you have any pets, especially indoor, make sure that you clean the pet hair from all of the furniture and floors. Some people have allergies, and would be immediately turned off if they can not stop sneezing during the showing. Remove all pet toys, pet beds, and spots inside and out of the home. Try and get a friend to watch your dogs for an extended peiod of time, or board at a local boarding house for pets for a few days at a time.

Follow these tips to WOW the buyers, and shorten your house’s time on the market!

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