Beautiful Community Event: Balloons Over Branson

Living in Branson has many perks. One of the big ones for me is the sense of community. From the entertainers of the area, to a Realtor like me, everyone does their part to make sure everyone feels welcome.  One of the last events I was so blessed to be a part of was the Balloons Over Branson Creek. (Click here to learn more about Branson Creek, and Listings we have in the area). We had a booth out there, and met some amazing people!

View From My Tent

Friday was a tethered balloon ride, lets just say I was glad to be back on the ground! Saturday we had a huge crowd out there! Hayrides around the Branson Creek Property, bounce houses for the kids, great food by Famous Dave’s and Golden Corral, and wonderful music by the local college band made it a great experience!  As everyone settled down and the sun was setting, the balloons were up, and they started to glow. It was one of the most peaceful and beautiful things I have witnessed.

Balloon Glow


A friend of mine actually had a balloon that he made himself! (pictured below).

Our Friends Balloon

Our Friends Balloon

I took my beautiful wife, daughter and grandsons out to see how the balloons were blown up. The boys were amazed at how the balloons looking so small could blow up to be 100 x what they were laid out on the ground. ( and also that the fire did not set the balloons on fire lol)

My Daughter and Grand Sons Checking Out The Balloons

My Daughter and Grand Sons Checking Out The Balloons

This is a great experience that I look forward to participating in every year! Can not wait till next year!

Jim Robertson Team

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