An Ozark Mountain Christmas












Christmas in Branson is unlike anything you have ever seen. As I have mentioned before, Branson is a community that comes together and celebrates what matters most, family. Christmas time is the best time to come see us. Christmas music in the air, tons of shops to visit, and trail of lights at Shepard of the Hills is the best way to start off the season!


Elves Helping Santa Get Ready!

Speaking of wonderful Christmas displays, Silver Dollar City Christmas is gorgeous! Over 1 Million light bulbs on the buildings alone! Silver Dollar City hosts two wonderful musicals that are free with admission! A Christmas Carol is one of my all time favorites. The story of Mr. Scrooge is a classic tale of being happy for what you have, and spreading the Christmas cheer! This huge cast takes you on a journey of suspense and fun! You will be shivering in your boots at the appearance of Scrooge’s business partner Jacob Marley, and dancing in your seat when you watch the cast twirl and spin to the sound of a well tuned fiddle.


The wonderful cast of Dickens Christmas Carol!

This year, Silver Dollar city opened a brand new musical in their park. It’s a Wonderful Life hit the stage in November, and has received nothing but rave reviews. I have plans to see it this week, and will be posting photos and my own critique soon! Keep checking back!


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