Who Me… a brand new home?

Nationwide the real estate market is continuing to make a great comeback. The combination of record low interest rates and abundant inventory due to the recent economic downturn have actually been very favorable to many first time buyers, retirees and investors.

The only area of real estate , though, that truly seemed to grind to a screeching halt was new construction. Foreclosures, short sales and downsizing worked together to silence the saws and hammers of many builders and construction companies. But the good news of 2013 is that we are beginning to once again hear the rumble of delivery trucks, notice freshly formed concrete and watch rafters being placed. While new construction is cautious and calculated, it is happening at an ever increasing, slow and steady rate. We’re seeing brand new family homes rising in subdivision at very family friendly prices.

Take this opportunity to check out some of the great new construction available in the Branson / Tri-Lakes area for under $145,000. You may find yourself saying “Who me… a brand new home… You Bet I Can!!”

New ConstructionJust give us a click and see what’s new

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