How to Prep Your Fireplace for Fall

“Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey
Chim chim cher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be
Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey
Chim chim cher-oo!
Good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you ” -Marry Poppins

This weekend I was watching Marry Poppins with my Niece, and as we watched, I remembered that it is getting to be that time of year again. The summer is on the down slide, and now instead of trying to keep the heat out, we will be fighting to keep in inside. I don’t know about you, but nothing says fall like a roaring fire place. Curled up with a warm blanket, a good book, and hot chocolate sounds like a perfect time to me! Even though we love to use the fireplace, it isn’t something that we always think about when it comes to maintenance. Here are three tips to help you prep your fireplace, or things to think about when you are buying a home…

1. Get your fireplace inspected. According to a survey, by National Fire Protection Association, last year  an alarming 42% fires in the country were credited to home heating fires. They suggest to have your chimney swept once a year to remove all of the soot and debris (building smaller fires will prevent build up in your chimney, and prevent cracking in the mortar). So make sure you call a local chimney sweep and have them come out to take a look, before you use your fireplace this fall. I have had some clients work with a local chimney sweep (Taney county area) R&L Chimney Sweeps and have had wonderful experience. They do professional work for a reasonable price!

2. Check chimney for cracks and loose bricks. Ash can escape through these cracks, and could potentially start a fire in or outside the home. The fireplace cap is located on the top of the chimney, and looks like wire mesh around the top, and on the inside rim. This is the part of the fire place that takes the most damage because it is always exposed to the elements. The chimney cap is there to make sure the air is filtered against rouge ashes, and to keep animals out of your home. This reminds me of the commercial for All State about the raccoon (mayhem) in the attic. Don’t let that be you!

3. Be sure that you are burning the right wood in your fireplace. Lets first start with the not to burn list. Do not burn freshly cut wood. This type of wood has more moisture, and produces more smoke than heat. Synthetic logs are a do not use because they can burn unevenly, and produce carbon monoxide. Which leads to my next tip. Make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector inside your home. The perfect type of wood to burn is “seasoned” wood (wood that has been stored in a dry place for at least 6 months).

Speaking of fireplaces, we have tons of homes on the market with fireplaces! One of my favorites is this gorgeous ranch style home in Branson Missouri.

Plenty of room in this 5 bedroom 4 bath home situated on 3+ acres backing up to conservation land, is only 10 minutes to Branson’s northside shopping! This beautiful home is located within the Branson School district. Beautiful brick front, and spacious living room with vaulted ceilings and cozy fireplace. Nice walkout basement, large walk in cedar closet, formal dining room, oak cabinets in kitchen, and 24′ x 24′ workshop. A must see for those wanting a little more space around them!

Double Deck

Double Deck

Cozy Living Room
Open Dining Space
Open Dining Space

Interested in seeing this home on person? Feel free to contact us and set up an appointment!

The Jim Robertson Team

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Best of Both Worlds – Branson Creek

Do you love having the privacy of the country side, but the convenience of being only a 10 minute drive from town? If so then Branson Creek is the place to be! Branson Creek is only a 10 minute drive from Hollister, and a 15 minute drive to Down Town Branson Landing.

Branson creek is special in its ability to cater to every persons wants and needs. Known for its award winning golf courses Murder Rock (Golf Week top 2 out of 5 best courses in Missouri), Community Club House with many events to socialize, state of the art work out facility, and easy access to Branson’s only airport! Click here to hear some new exciting news about Fly Branson! In 2011, Branson Creek was listed in the Retire Magazine as one of the Top 50 Best Master Planned Communities.

Luckily, I have quite a few homes in this wonderful community. I am featuring a home that is perfect for entertaining.  This gorgeous home on Woodhaven Circle is a one level home located in the exclusive Oak Knoll area of Branson Creek. Many upgraded features include 10ft ceilings, hard wooad floors, and top of the line security system. Exterior features include, yard irrigation, 3 car garage, a fully fenced yard, spacious in-ground pool, custom landscaping with a gorgeous fountain, and much more! Experience living at its finest in this comfortable 4 bedroom 3.5 bath home!

Need more information? check out my website: . If you are interested in touring this home, feel free to contact me!


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Tips on Prepping and Painting a Room

The time has come for change!  My friends have moved into their first house a few months ago, and have not changed their “mancave” rooms since the move! It has now been painted! It is a long over due project , and you are about to see why.  The walls were separated horizontally in the middle; the top half was painted a deep horrid hunter green, and the bottom half was painted a bright orange. Could you imagine how hard it was to decorate this room? A wallpaper border ran along the walls, and served as a cover to hide the crease between the two colors. The print on this border included a green background with a galaxy of planets scattered along it.  Below is a pre-picture of the retro planet room:

Pre -Paint  Wall

First things first; we needed to take down the wallpaper border. As we tried to just peel it off we noticed that we were only getting the top paper layer off. Fortunately my mother-in-law had taught me how to make a mixture that would help us peel this off effortlessly. 1/4 Cup of Fabric Softener (I use snuggle-fer breeze for best smell and results) in a spray bottle (from the dollar tree), followed by filling up the rest up with warm water. After putting both into the spray bottle, make sure the spout is turned off, and shake for about one minute. Spray directly onto the surface of the wallpaper, and let soak for a minute. When you come back and grab a corner, it should peel right off. Make sure you have a scrub brush for the few stubborn places.

Wall Paper Removed

This room was also used as a mancave for the previous owner, so it has been smoked in for the past 5 years or so. So to prep the surface for the paint, we took a rag and used the same fabric softener/water mixture to scrub down the walls. After getting all the nicotine off the walls, it smelled so much cleaner and fresh!

Taping Wires

My personal favorite part of painting is taping. I swear that it is therapeutic in some way. Some people take off the trim, and socket covers to paint, but I prefer to cover them in tape. It is faster, and you are still ensured not to get paint on anything. We strictly use the Scotch Wide Blue Painters Tape you can get from Lowes. Using any other type will peel the paint off when you remove the tape at the end.

Thank goodness they decided to paint the walls something a little more neutral. A major plus for when they decide to re-sell their home, they wont have to re-paint this room. Keeping walls a neutral palate help you in decorating your home, and creates a warm environment for buyers to come into. They chose a dark navy-type color for the accent wall and ceiling. On the other three walls, they used a blue that was 3 shades lighter than the original color. This unified the room in color while still giving it an accent wall.

Painting the Accent Wall and Ceiling

Four Hours, Three cans of paint, Two paintbrushes, Two rollers, and Three coats of paint later; We have finished the room! It doesn’t even look like the planet infested man cave that it did before! It has been transformed into a sophisticated media room that can be used to entertain and relax. New Blog coming soon on how to remove smoke and grime from a room!

Finished Accent Wall Corner

Gorgeous Fall in the Ozarks

Fall is my favorite time of year in the Ozarks. With a chill in the air, trees turning from green to solid gold and bronze,  add a cup of hot chocolate and it is a perfect day. Everyone should come to Branson and experience the tranquility of an Ozark Mountain Fall.

Branson is not just your normal town when fall arrives; there are thousands of things to see and do while admiring the views! All of our shows are in full swing, with our Christmas season starting November 1st. One that my family and I had seen recently would be the SIX. They are a family of six brothers who sing Capella, singing Beach Boys all the way up to some contemporary country! My parents all the way down to my 4 year old niece absolutely loved it! It has something for everyone. Also, while you are site seeing, swing by the the 24th Branson Fiddle Festival in Historic downtown Branson!

While you are in town, we want to invite you to tour the latest addition to our listing site:

A beautiful 2 story colonial style home, complete with 7 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms. This gorgeous home boasts a large kitchen with plenty of cabinet space for those who love to cook and be in the kitchen. Large living room, and formal dining room are perfect for entertaining. Do you like to be outside? This home has 3 large decks, and 2 spacious covered front porches for observing all those beautiful Ozarks sunsets. One of my favorite spots in this home would be the large family room, and game area with kitchenette and office. This will give you plenty of space to use your creative eye and make it your own. This home comes completely furnished with top quality pieces including: linens, & fully equipped kitchen. This home comes with a HSA Warranty

Click here to see all houses in the area!

We encourage you to come on down to Branson this August to see us! Don’t let your trip be all about work and no play. Make sure you make time to get out on the town. We would be more than happy to show you why Branson is the best place to live!

Jim Robertson Team


Let’s Fly Away! Southwest Airlines to Come To Branson MO

When you fly into town for a vacation, all you want to do is get there is get to your room, relax, and plan your vacation for the coming days. The last thing you want to do is drive 45 more minutes to get to your destination.When you come to Branson, that is no longer the case. Branson Airport was developed in May 2002, along the Branson Creek development, 10 minutes south of Branson 76 strip.

To make things even easier, Southwest Airlines just announced that they were to start flights to Branson airport early 2013. Branson Airport currently has eight non-stop flights, and over 100 cities with one stop connecting flights. The airport is hoping that teaming up with Southwest, one  of the largest low cost airline carrier, will get more people interested and excited to come to the Tri-Lakes area.

The Airport is not like any other I have visited. It is a small terminal, that somehow captures the Branson Tri-Lakes feel. The decor is beautiful and feels that you have left the big city life behind, and like you are revisiting your hometown. You feel right at home the moment you set your foot on the ground. The staff is wonderfully pleasant, and ready to offer you any advice on shows to see, where to stay, and where to eat. And for your convenience, there are many things located in the airport for your convenience. They have Famous Dave’s award winning barbecue, General Store, Enterprise car service, ticket booths for Branson shows, lodging packages, and a taxi service to take you anywhere you need to go.

Branson Airport is a wonderful addition to a wonderful town. With many direct flights, and even more to be added to the board in 2013, it is a fantastic development for the frequent traveler. If you are always on the go, and wanting to live in the Branson area, never fear! This airport is the easiest and most versatile one that I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Click here to book your next visit, and feel free to stop by! We hope that you all come out to see us!

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Branson Style Living

Living in Branson Missouri all of my life has really been a blessing. You do not find a place where people look after one another, help out strangers, and are always willing to give directions to a lost tourist anywhere else. Branson Tri Lakes area has always been family value based; from the school systems all the way down to the shows in the area. Getting into the real estate business here in Branson MO was very important to me, because I want to be there to help people find a home in the best town to live in the US.

The Branson Tri-Lakes area has many many things to offer: Shows, Beaches, Lakes, Entertainment (mini golf, Silver Dollar City, water parks, and much much more!) Family Values, and a safe Place to Make a Home.  Our sense of community is something that makes living in Branson so special. Events from Relay for life to the Craft fair in the fall gets the community involved and brings everyone closer together. Having these things at your disposal and being only a short drive from Springfield MO, makes living in the Tri-Lakes Area so convenient.

Real estate in Branson is a steal for the price, whether you are talking about buying a house or property.  The market in the Tri Lakes area is booming, and there is no better time to buy than now! Houses Under $100,000 in Branson Area!

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Be Prepared for an Open House

Sellers say to me, ‘I can’t be bothered to do all of this stuff.’ I say, ‘You know what? The buyer can’t be bothered either.’ So if the seller can’t be bothered to do all of these things, why should buyers trade their old houses for your old house? There are lots of other options out there. It’s a very competitive marketplace,” says Christine Rae, owner of Certified Staging Professionals (CSP). Most people go in with the mentality that they should not have to work to sell their houses.

Although we do all live in a digital world where people can virtually tour our houses through real estate sites, there is still a high demand for open houses. You, as the buyer, need to do more than let the pictures sell the house. People like to both see the house through a digital and physical way. When the time comes to show your house, follow these tips to help ensure that you are ready to show your house at its best!

Set the mood. If you have a quality sound system, set the music to play in a loop before you leave. Make sure it is a easy listening music, preferably without words. Setting the mood for the buyer when they walk into your house will help the buyer put themselves into your shoes and see themselves relaxing in the space.

Keep the kitchen clean, and free of potent smells. If you know you might have a showing at anytime, make sure that you do not cook anything the night before that might leave a lingering smell in the house. Although some buyers have been known to stick cookies in the oven if they know they have a showing that day to get that homey feel. Keep counters uncluttered, sinks and drains clean and fresh. People look at bathrooms and kitchens with the highest scrutiny, and so should you.

Take out any personal items. I was watching HGTV, and I heard a very interesting tip in a short 30 second sell your home clip. They mentioned that you should take out any family photos, children’s art on the fridge, and personal care items out of the bathroom. You want the buyer to see themselves your house. Taking away all the family photos takes the vision away from you, the seller, and puts the buyer in your shoes. This will help the buyer feel a connection with the property.

Keep it Neutral. Use a palate that is not bland, but is easy to change if the buyer decides they want to renovate. A beige wall is more welcoming and relaxing, as opposed to a neon green wall. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room.

Pet Proof the House. If you have any pets, especially indoor, make sure that you clean the pet hair from all of the furniture and floors. Some people have allergies, and would be immediately turned off if they can not stop sneezing during the showing. Remove all pet toys, pet beds, and spots inside and out of the home. Try and get a friend to watch your dogs for an extended peiod of time, or board at a local boarding house for pets for a few days at a time.

Follow these tips to WOW the buyers, and shorten your house’s time on the market!

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