Tips on Prepping and Painting a Room

The time has come for change!  My friends have moved into their first house a few months ago, and have not changed their “mancave” rooms since the move! It has now been painted! It is a long over due project , and you are about to see why.  The walls were separated horizontally in the middle; the top half was painted a deep horrid hunter green, and the bottom half was painted a bright orange. Could you imagine how hard it was to decorate this room? A wallpaper border ran along the walls, and served as a cover to hide the crease between the two colors. The print on this border included a green background with a galaxy of planets scattered along it.  Below is a pre-picture of the retro planet room:

Pre -Paint  Wall

First things first; we needed to take down the wallpaper border. As we tried to just peel it off we noticed that we were only getting the top paper layer off. Fortunately my mother-in-law had taught me how to make a mixture that would help us peel this off effortlessly. 1/4 Cup of Fabric Softener (I use snuggle-fer breeze for best smell and results) in a spray bottle (from the dollar tree), followed by filling up the rest up with warm water. After putting both into the spray bottle, make sure the spout is turned off, and shake for about one minute. Spray directly onto the surface of the wallpaper, and let soak for a minute. When you come back and grab a corner, it should peel right off. Make sure you have a scrub brush for the few stubborn places.

Wall Paper Removed

This room was also used as a mancave for the previous owner, so it has been smoked in for the past 5 years or so. So to prep the surface for the paint, we took a rag and used the same fabric softener/water mixture to scrub down the walls. After getting all the nicotine off the walls, it smelled so much cleaner and fresh!

Taping Wires

My personal favorite part of painting is taping. I swear that it is therapeutic in some way. Some people take off the trim, and socket covers to paint, but I prefer to cover them in tape. It is faster, and you are still ensured not to get paint on anything. We strictly use the Scotch Wide Blue Painters Tape you can get from Lowes. Using any other type will peel the paint off when you remove the tape at the end.

Thank goodness they decided to paint the walls something a little more neutral. A major plus for when they decide to re-sell their home, they wont have to re-paint this room. Keeping walls a neutral palate help you in decorating your home, and creates a warm environment for buyers to come into. They chose a dark navy-type color for the accent wall and ceiling. On the other three walls, they used a blue that was 3 shades lighter than the original color. This unified the room in color while still giving it an accent wall.

Painting the Accent Wall and Ceiling

Four Hours, Three cans of paint, Two paintbrushes, Two rollers, and Three coats of paint later; We have finished the room! It doesn’t even look like the planet infested man cave that it did before! It has been transformed into a sophisticated media room that can be used to entertain and relax. New Blog coming soon on how to remove smoke and grime from a room!

Finished Accent Wall Corner